Blogs. Hundreds of blogs. Thousands even. There are more blogs out there than horse meat in low quality ready-meals. That makes it very hard to pick out the top posts/articles that will provide your brain with the stimulation it so desires. That’s why I’m going to regularly pull together three posts that you should read. It might help you separate the wheat from the chaff. Damn chaff.

1 – Real-time marketing around the Oscars fails to impress

Ever since Oreo made the most of the superbowl blackout, everyman and his dog (also females and their canines) has been talking about ‘real-time marketing’ – basically taking advantage of a super-current event and creating a nice piece of marketing around it, very very quickly. The Oscars have been and gone and has a nice summary of the winners and losers of Oscar related real-time marketing here.

That winning tweet.

That winning tweet.

2 – There is no mobile internet

The internet is all one big thing now. Forget mobile vs desktop etc, if you think like that, you will lose. The always-brilliant Smashing Magazine explains why here.

3 – Banks and other money-based businesses struggle to adopt social media

Dealing with your bank can be more painful than watching Adele greet her way through another award acceptance speech. The use of social media could well help, unfortunately, with a few exceptions they haven’t made great use of social tech. Why? This article from Econsultancy explains all. For me, they are scared to open themselves up to such public scrutiny.

Have you read/watched anything great today? Do share in the comments section below! 

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