Bit of a crazy week in the marketing and tech worlds.  Monday finished with the news that G is for Google, and Alphabet is the new holding company in town, but here are 5 more Top 5 Reads of the Week.

YouTube will now show 360-degree video ads

Following on from last week’s 360-degree music video, YouTube are now showing adverts that are interactive. Allowing you to scroll 360-degrees whilst on desktop, or merely having to tilt your phone around if you’re on a mobile device, is a great way at showcasing the whole experience of live events, which is what I imagine that majority of ads (like the Bud Light one below) will fall under.

A pretty clever idea, to be honest. By increasing interactivity, it means that there is a greater likelihood of viewers engaging with the ad. I think 360-degree video support from YouTube also adds an extra element of creativity to video content, allowing better behind-the-scenes-as-it-happens content which viewers can choose to watch the normal content or the behind-the-scenes stuff.

Read the article here.

Showgoers for Netflix

Showgoers could change the way we watch Netflix. It is a Chrome Extension which allows you to sync up what your watching on Netflix with a friend or loved one, meaning you can share your experience with whoever is in your Showgoers watching party. It seems, according to the website, that Showgoers was borne out of a desire to share experiences with the creator’s girlfriend who he was in a long-distance relationship with.

All you need to do is install the plugin, click on the 3D glasses, and share the link with whoever you want to be in a party with. Pausing Netflix for one person does the same for everyone in the group.

Is Showgoers affiliated with Netflix? “Definitely not.” But it is a clever idea.

Check out the website here.

TouchJet WAVE turns your TV into a giant touchscreen device

A pretty cool Indiegogo campaign which gives you the chance to turn your TV into a giant touchscreen, like those ones on Sky Sports News or in Iron-Man (sort of).

It does seem a little different to have to use a peripheral to get the effect of a smart TV when there are smart TVs on the market, however the touchscreen component to it is the key selling point. If it actually works as well as it looks like it does then they may well be on to a winner. For the time being, at least.

They already have experience of this sort of thing, having shipped a touchscreen projector already via a crowdfunding campaign. It looks as if it’s going to be another successful crowdfund for Touchjet.

See the Indiegogo campaign here.

Nebia, an eco-friendly shower system

Nebia is a shower. That’s pretty boring.

Nebia is an eco-friendly shower which cuts your water use by 70%, as well as covering 10% more of the body. That’s pretty cool. Oh, and Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and Alphabet/Google’s Eric Schmidt are also investors? That’s very cool.

Equinox, Stanford University, Apple and Google have all installed prototypes of the shower so that they can help with the product’s development process, which has been likened to a “cloud that cleans you”.

It’s on Kickstarter, and has amassed nearly 10x its $100k within 24 hours of going live. I don’t doubt that this could easily be one of the highest-funded Kickstarter campaigns ever, although it’ll take a lot to beat Pebble’s $20m

Read the article here.

Behind the scenes with TODAY Show social media manager Anthony Quintano

This article by The Drum’s Found Remote is a great insight into how The TODAY Show uses social media, as well as the challenges of capturing content that is primarily for live TV. The content they capture therefore isn’t nicely set up or produced which creates its own unique set of obstacles. Anthony Quintano gives some advice on some of the tools he uses to capture the photos and videos that go out on The Today Show’s social channels and helps .

Read the article here.

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