This week’s top tech and marketing news is fairly social media dominated, with three of the big social networks releasing updates or new products. In the tech world, there have been some interesting stories from brands really pushing the boat out in terms of innovation…

Twitter extends ‘Buy’ Buttons to (technically) everyone

Twitter has extending the possibility for anyone to use payment-startup Stripe’s ‘buy’ button. Stripe have provided the Buy button for Twitter for a while, but this new Relay tool means that merchants who use Stripe can now place ‘Buy’ buttons in tweets. I imagine this is not for the good of Twitter’s health, and that they’ll take a percentage off the top from Stripe’s cut, increasing the social network’s profitability.

Theoretically this is all about convenience; you should be able to purchase an item more easily, in fewer screens using payment information you’ve previously used. This is how it looks on Desktop:

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.32.35

Which takes you to a ‘product page’ within Twitter, to confirm your gender option (this is probably Warby Parker specific…), and then to a checkout page, where your details will be stored (securely, I assume) for the next purchase, making it even easier to rashly purchase something whilst tweeting.

LG TVs – 55 inches, and rollable.

Not this one. Quick on the heels of unveiling an 111-inch double-sided TV, the Korean manufacturer has supposedly set their sights on unveiling a ‘rollable’ (i.e. like a newspaper) at ICES in January 2016.

A Korea Times article on Monday stated: “Unlike existing curved televisions, its rollable TV could create an easy-to-carry tube that could be carried as easily as a briefcase, and be installed wherever customers want to watch programs.”

Unfortunately, the release will only be of a protoytype, meaning that mass-production could be a few years away yet. I imagine that when they do arrive, they’ll be expensive pieces of tech.

Snapchat intros first in-app purchases

This is the first time we’ve seen Snapchat try and monetise from a user’s perspective. Discover has been around for a while now, but that’s aimed in the traditional advertising sense. This is more traditional app-based revenue generation.


Snapchatters have, until now, been able to use one Replay every 24 hours, and while that feature remains, however now they’re offering three additional Replays for 99 cents (in the US only for just now). This was cleverly snuck in alongside a massive (global) feature update, which basically allows you to let Snapchat map your face and give you a number of new ‘filters’ like shooting hearts  from your eyes, turning into a zombie, or looking like you’re in Minority Report. It’s all detailed in their succinct blog post, which you can read below.

This is just another way for these massively popular app start-ups to begin to monetise and turn into more of a conventional profitable business instead of relying on potential for monetisation for valuation. That being said, I don’t think I’ve ever replayed a snap on purpose, so I don’t think I’d pay $1 for 3 more.

Read Snapchat’s blog here.

Facebook introduces Signal

Facebook have released Signal, a “free discovery and curation tool for journalists who want to source, gather, and embed newsworthy content from Facebook and Instagram, across news, culture, entertainment, sports, and more—all in one place.”


This is a pretty cool little tool, and I imagine it will be incredibly useful for journalists who learn how to use it properly. They can see what the conversation on Facebook is about, and craft content around those topics, taking great photos from Instagram to use alongside embeddable content directly from Facebook either on or offline.

Read Facebook’s blog post here.


This looks like something out of a 1980s Sci-Fi film, but I like that. It looks like the kind of things comic books would’ve said we’d be wearing “in the future”.

Not exactly earth-shattering new technology, but done so in perhaps the most stylish way I’ve seen yet. You have to be bold to pull it off though, I’d say. The volume slider is one of my favourite parts about these headphones, it looks so effortless.

You may get some funny looks wearing it in the street, but then again maybe not as it’s clearly hugely popular too, already overfunded by $100,000 with 39 days to go.

Back the Kickstarter here.

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