The second instalment of our top five articles from the marketing and tech worlds.

33 Websites That Will Make You a Genius

Okay, so not strictly marketing or tech-related, but a list of links that provide some incredible insight into our world, as well as how to make yourself sound smart at any dinner party.

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Hobby Drones Halt Firefighting Efforts in California

I can’t even believe this is a thing. Digital Trends report that whilst some of California was getting hit by flooding over last weekend, San Bernardino Country were tackling some fires, but that drone hobbyists got in the way and they had to suspend firefighting efforts from the air for 15-to-20 minutes.

It’s stupid, it’s reckless. Just don’t do it. Let the professionals do their jobs instead of trying to get some pictures of a dangerous incident.

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Nintendo’s dream handheld console = Game Boy + Google’s Project Ara

You’ll soon start to realise I’m quite into mobile phones as far as my interest in tech goes. Last week, it was the Turing phone, this week it’s Project Ara. Google’s Project Ara is already something I’m immensely excited for. See this YouTube video for a better understanding:


Now take your early-90s gaming habits and combine the two. Yes, this concept would combine the Nintendo Game Boy and Project Ara-esque phones. It seems crazy, but maybe not so much when you consider Nintendo’s change of focus towards mobile gaming.

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Commute like George Jetson with the world’s first flying plug-in hybrid

Forget Google driverless cars, driverless car/planes are the future. The Terrefugia TF-X might only come to market at the very earliest in 2021, but the CGI video certainly gives a glimpse into what sort of vehicle our grandchildren might be piloting instead of these ideas merely being consigned to science fiction.

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New AT&T ‘It Can Wait’ Ad

A more sombre ‘top-read’. Continuing on their ‘It Can Wait’ campaign about using tech whilst driving, this ad is hard-hitting and effective.

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