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Facebook ‘Dislike’ button scams

It didn’t take very long did it? Days after Zuckerberg alluded to the introduction of a dislike button, scammers have obviously capitalised on the confusion from the public surrounding this new feature.


This is what the post would look like once shared on your timeline, and according to HackRead, the links will also be sent out as a message to your Facebook friends, disguised as an ‘invitation-only’ feature. The scam will then ask you to fill out intrusive surveys in an attempt to gather personal information as well as asking for your account credentials. All of those would then be used to spam you and your contacts via email.

The article also warns that some links may also install malware on your computer or spread malware through your social media accounts.

Best to keep on the safe side… If Facebook do introduce a dislike button, I’d imagine it’ll be a global rollout.

Read the HackRead article here.

Man sends GoPro to Space, gets it back 2 years later in crazy turn of events

This is pretty cool, and is content gold for GoPro, as if they needed any more…

A group of friends back in 2013 decided to send up a GoPro and a mobile phone (so they could track the landing site) to get some ‘0ut-of-this-world’ (I apologise) footage. They did it by strapping the devices to a weather balloon, and well, letting it go.

Now, things didn’t go quite to plan. The phone never regained signal and therefore it was lost. Until, fast forward 2 years and in a weird coincidence, an AT&T employee was hiking and found the devices, saw it was an AT&T SIM and tracked down the owner, giving back the phone but more importantly, all that amazing footage.

Here’s the video in it’s glory:

Instagram celebrates 400 million users

Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing network, has recently blogged that they Instagram community is now 400 million strong. An impressive number, having added 100 million users since December 2014.

This means now that there are a total of 3.5bn users on Facebook platforms using the services at least once a month:

  • Facebook: 1.5 billion
  • WhatApp: 900 million
  • Facebook Messenger: 700 million
  • Instagram: 400 million

There’s bound to be a significant overlap (for example, I will be counted as 4 of those users as I’m active on all of them), but it still represents an impressive chunk of the Internet world’s attention.

Even better news for Facebook, given that Instagram is close to rolling out their ad platform globally on September 30th. More eyes to be shown ads, more $ spent getting in front of those eyes.

Read the Instagram blog post here.

FLYBi Drone

Drones have been everywhere recently, and I’ve posted about the dangers of the flying cameras. This one looks awesome. Rather than bore you with text all about this, best to get a proper feel for the product by watching their crowdfunding campaign video:

Cool, huh? Back the Indiegogo campaign here.

Facebook introduce 360-degree video in News Feed

Facebook announced today that 360-degree video is now able to be displayed in the News Feed, rolling out the feature with a number of partners, including Star Wars, Discovery, GoPro, LeBron James, NBC’s Saturday Night Live and VICE. I’d imagine this is because of the hardware and/or software specs needed to create 360-degree video, and as a quality control measure. Nobody wants to see 360-degrees of your living room quite yet.

Check out this great video from The Verge which gives you more of an insight into how it will work on your Android device. iPhone and iPad support is coming soon:

So here’s another week’s round-up of amazing tech, social media and marketing news! Any comments, let us know below or at @VelocityDigi!

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