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Last week I wrote about steps we were putting in place in order to breed the kind of company culture that will be of huge benefit to our team and clients. I’ve pulled it all together now and the whole team have given feedback, so I thought I’d publish the whole lot here. Why? Well, I think it’s good to share approaches among businesses, I’ve learned a lot from hearing about the workings of other companies. Here it is…


The office move and new website (coming soon) are a fresh start for Velocity Digital! We’ll be two in August and that makes us a toddler – we’re growing fast and discovering new things. This is a good time for me to evaluate the business and its future. The aim of this document is to set out what the values of the business, the culture I feel we want to create and what’s expected of the people that make up the business. This documents forms the basis of that and of course is wide open to feedback – I’m not dictating from the top-down! It will also be regularly updated as we put it into practice and learn more about how we work together.

Key principles of Velocity Digital

Our work will always:

  • Have the benefit of our clients at its core
  • Reflect the personality of our clients
  • Have creativity as a key component
  • Be steeped in attention to detail
  • Use the latest techniques to deliver results
  • Be as measurable as possible
  • Be adapted in relation to data and insights

Our people will always:

  •  Strive to improve their skills and knowledge – Velocity team-members are expected to take control of their own learning
  • Aim for excellence in all projects and take responsibility for making sure their work is up to our high standard
  • Aim to learn as much about our client’s businesses and their industry
  • Have a positive outlook about client work, the business and their roles
  • Take utmost pride in their work at all times
  • Be honest and talk about any issues etc – keeping things locked up does not benefit anyone
  • Represent Velocity in the best possible way both online and face to face at events etc
  • Respect their team-mates
  • Take equal responsibility for our work, we don’t pass the buck and we always aim to help each other
  • Ensure that new team members are made very welcome and ‘shown the ropes’
  • Have fun

 Working practices

  • Eating lunch at our desks is banned! Get away from your computer!
  • You’re encouraged to take a 15-minute walk at lunch, it’ll refresh you!
  • If you can’t make a great cup of coffee, learn fast!
  • Every fortnight, a team member will be given a subject to learn about and then deliver a briefing on it to the team
  • A tidy desk is a tidy mind!
  • We don’t need to use a lot of paper and printing!

Internal structure

While we can’t have a fully ‘flat’ structure, I do want to have an environment where everybody feels that their viewpoints are absolutely considered. We naturally want people that are excellent marketers and communicators, we also want people who are competent in business and have entrepreneurial spirit and having exposure to some of the working of the business outside of our client work will help to make that possible.

That’s that! Fairly short and to the point. It’s very much V1 and we intend to progress it over time. There’s nothing staggering in there and some of it may sound obvious, but I can certainly say this has been a very worthwhile process and one I/we recommend.

What do you think?

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