This week’s episode looks at Twitter’s plans to scrap the 140 character limit (don’t do it!), Fino takes us through Facebook’s new profile pages, we take a deep-dive into Instagram advertising, answer a user’s question re how to make Twitter better and Mike makes a plea for interaction. A 25 minute whirl around the world of digital marketing, social media and beyond!

Links and info from the show


Genius of the week

Genius Ohio couple rob bank, take pics of themselves with the cash, post them to Facebook, get busted and lose it all. Story here.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 11.29.17

Instagram deep-dive

Here’s the Mavrck study into key posting times on Instagram


And the Medium post from Somewhere with their flimsy data on Instagram ads.

The Martian Twitter trick

I loved this cool video trick! Read more about it here.


User question

Thanks to Kristaps Bezbailis for the question on fixing Twitter! If you’d like me to answer your question in the show, feel free to tweet @mike_mcgrail or email me.

Cyrus Shepard interview

Listen to my insightful interview with Cyrus from Moz here.

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