Guess who’s back, back again? Ok, more so guess what’s back, back again. You’ve likely guessed by now. The Velocity Marketing Podcast! In this episode I talk about my new career path at Administrate, mapping out your current marketing strategy Vs where it needs to be, Facebook custom audiences and the Gourmet Burger Kitchen Twitter storm. Oh, and Snapchat.



  • Check out and use it to map out your current marketing strategy and output Vs where it needs to be!
  • There’s a whack of info on Facebook Custom Audiences here


I spoke about the explosion of marketers taking to Snapchat – I’m one of them! I’m telling the story of my new role and dropping marketing and management tips every day. Please do follow me on mikemcgrail or use the snapcode below…


I’m also writing about my startup marketing experiences over on Medium!

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