I talk about how my marketing mind has flipped, the ability to sleep, answers a listener question re where to blog, sing Snapchat’s praises and make an offer to proof your blog posts! 15 mins of rapid-fire listening!

Links and stuff!

There was more chat and advice than links in this episode, but I did mention the fact that some Instagram users have been given access to account switching.

Listener question!

Thanks to @JessChild15 for asking how I decide where to post my blog content – LinkedIn, Medium, own blog etc. If you’d like me to answer your question in the show, feel free to tweet @mike_mcgrail or email me.


I asked you to send a blog post to someone to give feedback on before you publish, do it! I’ll do that for you, contact me on the details above.


I’m telling my SaaS marketing story and delivering tips via Snapchat. People seem to actually be liking it, so why not give it a go! Please do follow me on mikemcgrail or use the Snapcode below…


Thanks for listening! Please leave a review on iTunes etc if you have the time!

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