In this episode, I interview Gala Gill, a Marketing Consultant based in Poland. I first discovered Gala via Snapchat and was immediately taken by her use of it to deliver digital marketing news and advice. Gala uses Snapchat like a pro, and I wanted to draw that knowledge from her and deliver it to you. Listen up for advice on being a Snapchat user people want to watch, Snapchat marketing and much more!

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Golden nuggets from the show

  • When it comes to working out how best to use Snapchat, make sure you spend a lot of time watching others and learning – this applies to personal and business use.
  • It’s hard to define what you should be talking about in you snaps as you’ll likely end up with a really diverse audience.
  • It can take a good while to build a Snapchat audience – in Gala’s case, four months, and that rings true with my experience too.
  • Tips for great snaps – don’t snap too often! Add emojis and text that add to your message.

There’s a lot more in the podcast, so listen!

Gala recommended following these peeps on Snapchat:

  • jvan2go
  • JedRecord
  • chriskubby (I can vouch for that one!)

Gala on the web

Well of course, she’s galagil on Snapchat, or add with this snapcode. Check her on Twitter too!


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