In this episode, I interview Talia Wolf, a CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) specialist and founder of Conversioner and Banana Splash. The interview is a must listen for anyone who’s looking to make the most of their web/app traffic and push visitors to taking the actions you want them to! Regardless of your experience level, you’ll learn something from Talia. We cover the psychology of marketing, how colour can effect decisions, what and why to A/B test, why you probably don’t need a mobile app and much more.

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Golden nuggets from the show

  • CRO isn’t about driving traffic –  it is about making the most of the traffic you work to build in other ways
  • Always test for knowledge purposes and not for the sake of it!
  • You should be aiming for ‘optimisation via customer experience’
  • Our minds’ process images 60,000 times faster than words – the same goes for colour
  • Over 70% of purchases now start on mobile – although the majority are still completed on desktop

There’s a lot more in the podcast, so listen!

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