In this week’s episode I look at Twitter’s earning call, talk about Slack’s effect on email usage and Facebook using 2G web access. I answer a user question about buying Twitter followers and encourage you to be tracking your social activity with UTMs. It’s a short, sharp show that delivers the latest news, views and advice across social media, digital marketing and beyond. Oh, and there’s music from Iggy Pop, Cream, Queen and Dire Straits. Nice.


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Listener question

Thanks to Owen for his question about buying Twitter followers. The summary would be that I don’t recommend it as you’re going to struggle to put a true value on a new follower – Owen got stung for £2.50 per follower. You’re far better using the ad model to drive targeted people to a piece of content that serves you (and them) a purpose. If you’d like me to answer your question in the show, feel free to tweet @mike_mcgrail or email me.

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Deep-dive – UTMs

I spoke about the need be adding UTMs/parameters to your links that are used in social, email etc with the aim of driving people to your content/site. This allows you to track the effect of a specific tweet, Facebook update and so on. There’s a great post and tool for creating them here.

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Chat and shout-outs

  • I mentioned my Social Media Briefing course in Edinburgh on Nov 26th, find out more here
  • Big up to Charles Cameron (@C_Cameron) for the tweets and review and the same goes to Amy Charlotte (@_AmyCharlotte) thank very much indeed guys!

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