Friday! Day of the Camels! There’s a whack of social media content that does the rounds, and I like to take a look at Buzz Sumo to see what content related to social media has been shared the most in the past week. I say ‘related’, as it often takes me off on strange tangents, but I like that. Hey, it isn’t always about marketing you know! Here we go…

California allows minors to delete social media posts, with ‘erase’ law

California has passed a law that makes social networks such as Facebook have to allow teens to erase social media updates that they may regret. It’s a little confusing, as the big networks allow people of all ages to delete updates. According to Jimmy Steyer of Common Sense Media – “This puts privacy in the hands of kids, teenagers and the parents, not under the control of an anonymous tech company,” I’m not sure how anonymous the ‘tech’ companies are, but I’ll let that one go. Anyway, you can read this full post over on foxnews.com.

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Guide to Facebook Reach: What Marketers Need to Know

Have you seen a drop in your Facebook performance? Are women turning a blind eye to you? Is ‘that doesn’t normally happen’ no longer working as an excuse? Sorry, I was back in my copywriting days there for a moment. Facebook has various types of reach, from organic to viral, and the fact is that that reach has been getting strangled for a while now, unless you show Mark and co. the reddies. This post over on Social Media Examiner, will explain reach to you and make you feel smart. And more attractive to the opposite sex.

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Social Media Saves Ernie from Euthanasia

Ernie is a 3-year-old ‘mixed breed’ (aka mutt), from Orlando. The poor fella was due to be put down, but Facebook came to his rescue. This really is a nice story and I suggest you read it all over on ‘Life with Dogs‘ – ‘a world leader in dog news and entertainment’. I love the web.

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There you have it folks. Have a wonderful weekend. Remember, bananas are evil.

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