On March the 2nd, Velocity Digital client, Cheeky Chompers appeared on Dragons’ Den. We’ve worked with Julie and Amy since they launched in February 2013 and have taken great delight in watching them grow ever since. They filmed Dragons’ Den in April 2013, so a lot of time has passed since then. At the time time of going to air, they’d sold 29,000 of their ‘Neckerchews’ and are stocked in retail giants such as John Lewis. The Dragons failed to invest (I’m sure they would’ve been fighting over them if the pitch had taken further into Cheeky Chomper’s journey!), but they all loved the product.

On the night of the show, I went to Julie’s house in order to man the social media pumps. It was one of the craziest few hours of my career, sparks flew and blisters (nearly) formed! I love data, and thought it would be great to share some insight into what happens to a business’s social media and web traffic when they appear on Dragons’ Den.

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The Social Media Stats

Twitter – followers

On the day before the show, Cheeky Chompers had 1001 followers. The figure now sits at 1354 – It jumped by over 200 in the space of three hours. This compares to 76 new followers in the whole of Feb. The beauty of this follower increase is that so many of them are relevant – parents looking for a product to help with teething. The only valuable audience is a relevant one!


I use Sprout Social to search for mentions of Cheeky Chompers and their product, the Neckerchew (and various spelling variations) at all times, so on the night of the show, Sprout was working overtime! The figures below cover March 2nd and 3rd, the day and the day after the show, the natural peak of the buzz.

  • @ mentions on March 2nd – 226 (compared to 53 in February)
  • mentions not using @ on March 2nd (neckerchew, cheeky chompers etc) – 48

Those 226 mentions all took place between 21:25 and 00:00.

  • @ mentions on March 3rd – 35
  • mentions not using @ on March 3rd (neckerchew, cheeky chompers etc) – 23

A big drop, but this would be expected. The episode Cheeky Chompers appeared on was the final of the series, and attracted 3.3 million viewers. The episode is also on iPlayer, and in the days since the 3rd, there’s been strong levels of mentions, questions etc – 441 mentions in total for March 2nd -9th.

Of all of the mentions etc that came in, only 9 were in any way negative about the product. A high percentage of the mentions were people stating how much they liked the product, where they can get it etc. There’s been 1.7k clicks on links from the account since March 2nd, and 169 re-tweets. The overall reach of all tweets sent from the account between 02.03 and 09.03 is 350,000.

Web traffic from Twitter

On the day of the show, March 2nd, Twitter generated 377 visits to the site. 233 were generated via a tracked link we created that led to an infographic of the Cheeky Chomper’s story we had made to be used straight after the show in order to illustrate how far the business had come since the show was filmed.

On March 3rd, a further 251 visits were generated via Twitter, with 161 of those leading to the infographic. Over both days, we posted tracked links to the shop section of the site, however clicks on those were significantly lower than those leading to the infographic/blog. This shows that people are keen to absorb content first, as opposed to being driven straight into product via social.

We can’t account for visits that may have come from people seeing related tweets and then searching for Cheeky Chompers, Neckerchew etc.

User generated content 

In the week since the show, the Cheeky Chompers account has received over 30 images of people’s little ones wearing a Neckerchew. This shows that people want to continue to connect with the brand and from a marketing perspective it’s a dream, as in the vast majority of the cases, the child is chomping on the Neckerchew, which is a key function of the product.

Twitter summary

The Dragons’ Den experience has brought Cheeky Chompers a nice follower number boost, and the relevancy of the new followers is very high. Conversation levels have been huge, and the sentiment around these chats and messages has been massively positive. While the initial spike is gradually slowing down, I expect that their overall Twitter growth will maintain a strong level as more and more people receive/buy the product. Traffic to the site via Twitter at the time of the show and day after wasn’t massive, however we should remember that searches after an interaction on Twitter can’t accounted for.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 14.18.02

Facebook – fan growth

As of March 1st, Cheeky Chompers had 2489 Facebook Fans, the figure now stands at 3791, an increase of 1302. It jumped by 819 on March 2nd and a further 242 on the 3rd.


Organic Facebook reach is tough to obtain these days without payment, however, on March 2nd, the reach of the Cheeky Chompers page was 36,483 on a purely organic basis. This was partly fuelled by 163 shares. On March 3rd, this dropped to 15,578, with 36 shares taking place that day. As a comparison, the total organic reach for Feb was 36,563.

Likes and comments 

March 2nd


March 3rd


This is a huge drop from the day of the show, and shows us how people are taking to their second screens straight after a pitch and then in the hours immediately after the show. Bear in mind there was only 2.5 hours of March 2nd left when Cheeky Chompers finished their pitch. The current ‘talking about this’ figure is 2,555, a whopping 67% of their current fan total. For most pages, this will average at less than 10%.

Web traffic from Facebook

On March 2nd, 455 visits were generated via Facebook.  Much of the Facebook activity at the time was kept within the platform with the aim of raising engagement. On March 3rd, we saw 926 visits to the site via Facebook, an increase of 471. We can put this down to people having more time to find out more about the brand and their products, and also the placement of a link to the online shop of Facebook that day.

User generated content 

We’ve had over 40 imaged posted to the page, both publicly and via private message. Again, great endorsements for the product and people’s feeling towards it.

Facebook summary

The impact on Cheeky Chomper’s Facebook page has been excellent – strong growth, high levels of interaction and traffic to their site. We now need to ensure the page offers a valuable experience for all fans whilst delivering for the business.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 15.02.18

Web stats

On the night, I was observing Google real-time while manning the social media. The highest peak was 1001 people on the website at once. The site handled it, and while some people mentioned online that it was running slow, it stood up to the surge! Many sites have crashed in the past due to the Dragon’s Den effect.

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Overall visits

  • March 2nd – 8106
  • March 3rd – 6812

Unique visitors

  • March 2nd – 7687
  • March 3rd – 6207

That’s an amazing number of unique visitors to the site. 87.3% of those were new visitors. A massive new audience!

Page views

  • 40,019 page views were generated over March 2nd/3rd – 32,332 of those unique

Sources – search was key as expected 

On March 2nd, 5,318 visits were generated via organic search – people watching the show, taking to their mobiles and tablets trying to find Cheeky Chompers. Of course, there’s a big nasty (not provided) barrier in the way, but the top term that I have access to was Cheeky Chompers, followed by Neckerchew. Makes sense! March 3rd saw 4,153 visits via organic search.


  • On March 2nd, 57% of  traffic came from what Google Analytics would term as ‘mobile’
  • 27% from tablets
  • 16% from desktops/laptops

More second-screen goodness, dominated by mobiles/tablets. On March 3rd, this remained much the same – desktops/laptops increased by 6%.

Web traffic summary

The stats are very impressive. Between March 2nd and 10th, the site has received 23,560 visits with 19,374 of those from unique visitors. On the day that Dragons’ Den aired, Cheeky Chompers had launched their new site and branding, and the site is proving a hit for sure.

Sales via the site

Sales via cheekychompers.com have been in excess of £8,500. The product is also sold on Amazon and in 52 other retailers, so the overall sales effect from Dragon’s Den will far surpass that.

Going on Dragons’ Den? Some tips:

  • Make sure your website is bullet-proof – get your bandwidth ramped right up! And stress-test it!
  • Have extra resource available to cover your social media – on the night and in the days after, it won’t slow down for days!
  • Don’t rise to any negativity!
  • Set-up searches on Twitter that cover your brand name, product name and all possible variations of them – people won’t necessarily take the time to find out your username while watching the show. Don’t forget #dragonsden!

It’s been a very interesting exercise pulling this together and supporting Cheeky Chompers throughout their Dragons’ Den experience. If you have any questions please do ask them in the comments below, or contact us.

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