This is the 100th blog post on the Velocity Blog. It has taken just over a year to reach that milestone, and I thought this would be a natural point at which to asses what blogging has achieved for the business…

Leads (and actual business)

In the past year I have had 48 leads that originated from my blog posts. I’ve kept track of those in a highly technical way – by asking people how they found out about the business – a very important question that is often forgotten about! That is four strong leads a month, and 23 of those have converted to actual business. I’m happy with that! A lot of these enquires are borne from the fact that when I blog, I try to share helpful info or insight, which is always something to bear in mind when blogging for business.

Raising awareness outside of my natural reach

Back in September 2012, I wrote about a Blackberry video that summed up their awful marketing. That post was included in the Guardian’s ‘Boot-up’, a daily summary of tech stories that they recommend to their readers. That drove incredible traffic to the site, to a wide audience that a I would never had access to otherwise. I also copped a tonne of abuse from Blackberry fans. My coverage of the Amy’s Bakery debacle also took the Velocity Blog to great heights, with my article topping Google for 6 days for all things related to the unfortunate restaurant. Blogging about the right thing at the right time has huge advantages, just make sure it’s relevant and that you give your opinion and advice if possible.

Via (creative commons)

Via (creative commons)

Search traffic

We know that Google loves regular, relevant and quality content, and that has to be a key consideration when blogging for business. Around 43% of all visits to Velocity Digital stem from search terms that end up taking people to one of the blog-posts. You can safely say that a big chunk of those people won’t be interested in Velocity’s services, however, by looking at ‘visitors flow’ data and using goals in Google Analytics, I’m very comfortable with the levels of visitors that enter the site via a search, land on a blog post and then go on to view the site pages out-with the blog (e.g. services or contact). If this isn’t the case with your blog, you need to look at navigation, but also the appropriate use of calls to action within your blog posts.

Further opportunities

I always try to give advice in my blog posts, but am also rarely shy when giving opinion. I’m speaking at a number of events in the next year and many of those requests have come from specific blog posts that event organisers have read and have then asked if I’d like to expand on the subject by delivering a talk. Again, without the direct route of a blog, these opportunities may never have arisen.

It isn’t easy…

to keep a blog up to date when running a business, but I do believe that it is vital, and when the required time is dedicated to it, it can be a massive driver of success for your business.

Here’s to the next 100 posts…

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