Casey Neistat, a filmmaker who went viral before YouTube was invented (and a couple of times after), has launched his social app on iOS devices. Beme (said ‘beam’) allows you to film from your perspective, and immediately share with all your followers. No filters. No selecting who it goes out to. Pure, unedited footage of your daily life.

You can’t even check the footage, as the app uses the iPhone’s proximity sensor as a record button, therefore meaning it needs to be held to your chest, like Casey shows in the Meet Beme video:

The idea behind Beme seems to be to try and change the way people use social media. Now, individuals portray who they want to be on social media, not necessarily who they are. By forcing people to just capture the moment without staring at their screen and interrupting the moment, Beme makes it impossible to not share the real you.

We were lucky enough to get some unlock codes (otherwise you have to wait 100 days) so we’re on Beme now. We’ll test it out over the next couple of weeks and hopefully it won’t fall by the wayside. Even in the small time we’ve tried it out this afternoon, the word addictive has already been used.

It’s definitely refreshing to see an app that’s trying to get people to be more authentic. Competition in the social media app space is fierce, however this does have a unique approach, a very well-known online personality behind it, and the former head of engineering at Tumblr, Matt Hackett – a strong combo and it’ll be interesting to see how Beme progresses.

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