This isn’t a post about the future of the various social networks and platforms out there – I don’t have a crystal ball or a DeLorean (where the hell is my hoverboard and self-drying jacket?). I’m interested to hear from you what social network(s) you see still being a part of your digital life in 5 years time? Let’s assume that the current crop still exist of course.

What do I use?

Well, due to the nature of what I do for a living, I’ve dabbled in pretty much everything, purely from an education point of view in many cases. However, I use the following on a regular basis:


Twitter – I love Twitter. I use it for communicating, absorbing content/news etc and building my business and reputation. I can say in all honesty that Twitter has played a big part in any success I’ve had in the digital marketing arena.

Will I still be using it in 5 years? – It’s pretty much an essential part of what I do and so engrained in my day to day routine that I can’t ever see myself leaving it. I won’t outgrow it in the next 5 years.


Facebook – Is Facebook important to my personal professional life? 100% no. I do use Facebook as part of strategies for my clients (successfully so), and that takes up around 95% of any time I spend there, so that adds importance to it. From a personal point of view, I can’t stand it, I don’t see the updates I want to see from people, the ads have gotten out of hand and the constant changes do little to create a consistent and enjoyable interface.

Will I still be using it in 5 years? – On a personal level? No. For clients? Very hard to say. I can see a Facebook implosion coming in the next few years.


LinkedIn – I use LinkedIn a lot, from research into customers and potential customers, to active participation in (worthwhile!) groups. It has brought me business and connected me to people integral to my on-going success.

Will I still be using it in 5 years? – I see no reason why not, they seem to strive to make the experience simple and enjoyable for their users, their excellent apps are evidence of this. It continues to grow and is a successful business in its own right.


Google + – I recently wrote about why I dig Google Plus and my stance has not changed. I love the depth of conversation and the quality of content that people in my circles are sharing. They are sitting in the wings waiting to pounce I feel.

Will I still be using it in 5 years? – I hope so! It still needs to truly crack the mainstream, but I see it as a viable alternative to Facebook for many, and really the only show in town that can be given that label.

What else do I use?

I dabble in a bit of Instagram, have been playing with Vine and also think Path is a beautifully crafted app, however not enough people I know are using it to make it worth a slice of my time. I also dip in and out of Scottish based KILTR. Will I be using those three in 5 years time? Hold on, I’ll just jump in the DeLorean…

Over to you…

What are you using and enjoying right now? Will you still be spending time there in 5 years? Are you using Path or another emerging network that you see a strong future for? I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments section below…

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