2017 is passing by at a massive rate of knots and I thought that it would be a nice time to give an update on what’s been happening at Velocity Digital! It’s been a very interesting year so far as I returned to the consultancy game. Here we go…

The Business Model

Is Velocity an agency, a consultancy, or both? Well, fundamentally, it’s a consultancy, with me at the core, working with clients to create digital marketing strategies that will solve their problems, grow their businesses and delight their customers. However, we also handle delivery for a number of clients, mainly focussed on paid/non-paid social media (including full journeys from ad to conversion) and data analysis.

The need for the delivery aspect usually comes to light during strategy creation, when clients begin to understand what level of resource and expertise it will take to deploy the tactical side of the strategy. It’s advantageous for the client as the creators of the strategy are spearheading the delivery, with support from their internal teams.

Of course, in order to facilitate this model, it takes more than just me! The thing is though, I don’t want to build an agency in the traditional sense. I see no need for a team of people with skills that aren’t hugely flexible, are narrow in terms of varying industries and sector experience and that need to be together at all times, working to rigid (bloated) hours and struggling to be truly productive.

If that sounds familiar, it’s likely down to the fact that that’s exactly how many agencies operate today and have done for too long. I don’t believe this offers the best service or experience for the client. Often, success is seen as a big team, a client list at a length that can’t possibly be served effectively by the size of said team, and the shiniest office.

Who’s got the Remote?

I believe that a remote working approach to agencies is not only viable, but the future. Why?

  • No geographic ties in terms of talent
  • The ability to work across timezones for international clients
  • No need for large offices etc- keeping overheads low benefits the client
  • Access to specialists in certain industries, sectors etc, meaning that a diverse range of clients isn’t an issue

Yes it has it’s challenges, communication can be tricky without the right processes, building team relationships is harder, however, with the right approach, the positives far outweigh the negatives. Remote is the future for Velocity, and likely not even on an employed basis. In May, things got too busy for me to handle alone, so I advertised for someone to help me on a part-time basis, I was open to taking on an employee or a freelancer/contractor, however, I was also happy to consider remote.

Enter Sabrina…

I was fortunate enough to have a tonne of applications, from as far flung as New Zealand, and had initial chats with many different candidates. One of them was Sabrina Fuchs, who I’ve known for a few years and had always thought would be a brilliant person to work with. The stars aligned and the rest, as they say, is history.

Sabrina is based in Edinburgh, and like me, works from Codebase some of the time. At times, we work in the same place on Velocity projects, sometimes we don’t. We get through a serious amount of work, if I was to take you through it all, you’d call me a liar. The reason we can do this is the processes we have in place. We use tech wisely, it’s not bloated and after some refinement, is very efficient. We’re in the same city, but at least 50% of the time we’re working remotely from each other. In fact, Sabrina is just home from a three-week trip to her homeland of Austria; a real test of the process, and you know what, it worked! I’ll blog about the process soon.

It doesn’t stop at Sabrina, we’re currently working with a designer in Kent, a copy writer in the Czech Republic and a technical SEO in the states. None of which are employees. Can the process scale when it’s time for me to add more people on a more permanent basis? I think so.

What are we working on?

Our client page needs a major revamp! We’re working across many sectors, businesses including:

  • A UK chain of vets
  • A travel company specialising in French ski-holidays
  • Medical software in the ECG analysis field
  • A food technology company with a mission to reduce food waste
  • Two Gin companies (hard work, but somebody has to do it!)
  • A charity in the lobbying area

And many more on the horizon, with three new client wins in the past month! I’m not naming the businesses for now, I prefer to do that when there’s case studies to share, which will be soon! It’s been a very busy summer, in fact, July and August have been the biggest months of the year in terms of revenue. Proud.

There’s also a fairly solid flow of content coming out of Velocity, the podcast, short videos, and (not enough!) blog posts.

That’s enough for now!

I hope you enjoyed that update! Any comments? Please do share!

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