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August saw the first birthday of Velocity Digital, and the party was immense! (see video footage here, not for the feint-hearted). The first year has been great and I’m looking forward to growing the business in the next year. What has been keeping me busy recently?

Client Snapshot

What have we been doing with (some) of our clients?

Keep on chomping! 

Brilliant baby product, Cheeky Chompers continues to grow, with sales flooding in from across the globe. I look after the content strategy, but also manage their social media platforms and it is great to see social not only spreading the word about their very clever Neckerchews, but being responsible for a huge chunk of their online sales! Mark my words, this Scottish brand will be a household name very soon.

Way up north…

I  recently spent a day in the Highlands with Scottish Natural Heritage, a brilliant organisation that is responsible for our national parks and much more. Over the past year I’ve been helping them mould their corporate social media strategy. It has been a great project as their 1000 + staff are split across the country, so social media needs to play a huge part in their internal communication, but also as a tool to interact with the public. I sat down with their comms team in their splendid Inverness HQ to review their progress so far and make sure they were on the right track for further success. I’m happy to report that they are making huge strides!

SNH HQ Inverness

SNH HQ Inverness

A ride on the canal?

The Scottish theme continued with Scottish Canals! I spent a day at the Falkirk Wheel with staff from across the organisation, helping them to create a content plan that will be used communicate with their wide-ranging stakeholders. A superb organisation that have innovation at their core.

Facebook emergency! 

I took a call from the Edinburgh Clinic recently asking for help with their Facebook Page. There were multiple Pages running and this was causing them all manner of grief! I restructured everything and now they are living in harmony with Facebook. Always nice to help a business in need!

Velocity Academy

July saw the first Velocity Academy Blogging Masterclass take place session take place in Edinburgh. I was joined by eight eager businesses all keen to learn the ins and outs of blogging for business. Feedback was superb (thanks all!) and this led to a sell-out session on Sept 18th and a Twitter Masterclass that went down a treat earlier in the month. The next session is a Blogging Masterclass on November 2oth. Full details can be seen here.

Moving on

Next week will see me up-sticks and move to a dedicated office slap-bang in the middle of Edinburgh, right opposite the mighty EICC. If you want to drop into a chat, I’ll be at 89-91 Morrison street.

London Calling

I’ll be travelling south to speak at On the Edge in London on October 1st. Hopefully my ‘Without Content we are Nothing’ talk goes down a treat!

From the Velocity Blog

My post on using Twitter search to find potential customers has been very popular of late! A very simple technique that can reap big rewards! Learn how here.

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And finally…

Here is a picture of a kitten wrestling a penguin. Why? Do you need a reason?!?


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