You knows what’s cool? LinkedIn is cool, that’s what. Why? Well, let me define my thoughts on cool when it comes to a social network:

  • It allows me to connect with interesting people
  • It allows me to build and raise awareness of my business
  • It helps me to gather opinion
  • I can learn from the people within it
  • It curates relevant content for me
  • It works well and across all my devices/apps

LinkedIn does all of those.

LinkedIn is on fire!

The current LinkedIn share price is $107.81. Compare that to Facebook at $19.32. Why is that? Well we could go in to the issues with the Facebook IPO, however it would make more sense to look at why LinkedIn is in such good shape.

Not just a place for CVs

Many people see LinkedIn as a place to merely store their CV, yes it is a great place to get noticed and alert the world to your skills and expertise, however it has much more to offer. What are the key features that make it a winner?

Company Pages

LinkedIn Company Pages have undergone a make-over and they now offer an attractive and functional space for companies to share their news, views and importantly products/services. The pages allow you to add specific products/services with a description and a link to that specific area of your site. Make sure to take the time to fill these sections in, as the power of search within LinkedIn is strong. The pages also allow you acces to great stats and data around the visitors to your page – I particularly like the demographic data that shows you the seniority of the people that have been on the page (see below).

Seniority stats on LinkedIn Company Pages

These Company Pages are giving businesses of all shapes and sizes a real reason to have a presence on LinkedIn – they offer opportunity to be found for specific services and the rich data is massively valuable.

Creating valuable connections

Over the years I’ve built up a valuable network of people and businesses that are incredibly good at what they do. This is of massive value to me, especially now as my approach via Velocity is to build specific teams for specific client’s needs. LinkedIn has been a major tool in helping me to create this network – it has allowed me to discover people I would not have had access to without it. It is a simple way to check out what people have done and where they’ve been and then make contact when relevant.

Design and functionality

The latest versions of the iPhone and iPad LinkedIn apps are truly fantastic. They look slick, are quick, focus on key functions and content and I’ve never seen either app crash. They have clearly spent some serious time and money on these apps and that shows a will to embrace mobile – something that any social network has to do in order to be continually successful. One of the benefits of the app is the easy access to LinkedIn Groups (yes, there are some good ones out there!) – since the latest app releases I’ve increased my usage of Groups, this is mainly down to the simple functionality offered by the mobile experience and the fact that I can now effectively acces them when on the move.

Senior business figures are embracing social

According to a recent report, three quarters of senior execs in Europe access social media while at work. LinkedIn is an obvious place for this level of decision-maker to be active. Its business focus means they can spend their social media time effectively. Alongside Twitter, LinkedIn completes an attractive social pairing for those at the top of business.

It delivers content that matters to you

LinkedIn Today is a powerful feature that allows the user to subscribe to and select content that is of interest/value to them and have it delivered to their LinkedIn feed everyday.

A recently added feature allows you to subscribe to articles from business leaders such as Richard Branson. Any service that allows a person to filter news and content is valuable – we are faced with so much noise on a daily basis! By developing this content curation service, LinkedIn is ensuring that users have a reason to regularly visit the site outwith the key functions.

LinkedIn, cool? Yes, yes it is. You can visit the Velocity Digital LinkedIn page here.

Is LinkedIn a valuable part of your online routine? What do you think of the apps? Have recent changes led to you spending more time on the network? Do share!

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