You’ve probably seen this by now! If not you can watch it below (if you’re on a mobile, use this link –

Canadian airline, WestJet has made a Christmas video that has already generated over 12 million views, and looks set to delight many millions more!

But why is this such a viral hit?

  • It makes us all feel happy and full of Christmas joy. The best content makes people feel something.
  • It’s very well put together – even at 5 minutes long, it doesn’t get boring
  • The smart use of technology made the experience truly amazing for the lucky passengers – imagine you’re a kid and Santa recognises you on a screen? Their amazement and that of even the adults helps to create the magic around this
  • By showing the staff rushing to gather the presents, it gives us a real sense of authenticity and puts real people behind the brand
  • It has the right level of branding, we easily know who’s behind it, but it isn’t rammed down our throats
  • It keeps things simple
  • And of course, they’ve released it to the right mix of sites, blogs etc to ensure a kickstart!

Bravo WestJet! (and their agency I would think). They’ve given people something to marvel at, and at the same time created some amazing sentiment around the brand. I hadn’t heard of them before now, and have now visited the site for the first time – tangible results.

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