It has struck me recently that many brand owners are letting their brands down when it comes to the online life of said brand. Great brands deserve to be properly represented online. Regardless of the medium (website, social media, video etc), a brand that is truly special in the eyes of its customers, should never be left to the digital wayside.

  • No horrible websites with terrible UX and face-melting interfaces.
  • No social media ghost-towns where nothing new ever happens and nobody speaks.
  • No content for content sake that grinds down the customer until they just don’t care anymore (see this ‘trying too hard’ video from Skittles for an example of this).
  • No lazy email campaigns and communications. Yes, that is junk mail.

Get digital right, give it the time and resource it needs and that great brand can live on and prosper. Don’t be too busy to make it happen. If you can’t do it, get help. Marketers, brand managers etc have a responsibility to give the brands they work for and represent a digital life that bestows the greatness of the brand, its people and its story. Even great things can fail, and a sad digital life can be the final breeze that topples the tower.

Profound? No. Sensible? Yes. Happening too often? Hell yes!

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Mike McGrail

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Ghost town image via sebastiandooris on Flickr Creative Commons.

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